Sunday, 26 December 2010

Log Post 4

hey hey i overslept and woke with a shelltchi!!!!!!!!!!
and hoshi drew this on microsoft paint i guess XD
we played with terurin

 thats all for the morning ill probably load some different stuff on soon

thx for reading bu bye

Saturday, 25 December 2010

log post 3 tama ID

well today i woke up a spring in my step i stumbled down the stairs though because i ran too fast and i picked the present under the tree that i thought looked could be the ID it was my parents were impressed with me on that call XD ill post pics now and with some other stuff including a leash which i found a clip for so i can also use it for my ID
as you can see i got a girl on my ID whom i named Hoshi i loaded everything on with my phone my god i love this thing  i have the mcdonalds living room awhich was the 4th room today i just got bored of "patchi living" and "mame living" and the one that looks like the outside of a school so i think ill get others on there tommorow. I'm aiming for lovelitchi also, and i loaded on rainbow race gome which i absolutely love to play the McDonalds game i dont like so ill root around looking for replacements. unfortunately i only have a pic of hoshi sleeping because i had my DSI at my relatives my charger at my home and we are 26 miles apart and we got home pretty late
oh yeah im running a hexagon aint I? yeaaahhh well i was really at my relatives long... so it you know... died  ID only  :( but dont worry the ID will be fun and once i get my entamas in sync ill log them
thats all today

Friday, 24 December 2010

Log Post 2

hello welcome to post number 2 of my log !!! :-)
well my hexagon being very badly cared for on purpose i should get nemutchi the cutest thing ever but kuribotchi evolved into KIKITCHI!!!
i have many pictures
how cute :3
he hasnt got any hexagon letters yet. i should really work on that XD
thx for reading ill be getting my ID tommorow. yay!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Log Post 1

everyone its the first post of my Blog Log :D . I recently reset my tamagotchi hexagon though i keep forgetting him woopsie
i drew a picture of the egg and the xmas tree thats in the background
also i drew the egg cracking and then....
BABY KINOTCHI :) who one hour later evolved into a kuribotchi
kuribotchi is now asleep and will evolve tommorow i havnt been taking good care so i should be getting me a kikitchi :)

today i decided to start my familitchi i had a mimifuwatchi futabatchi and the other one XD i totally forgot what hes called but hes supposed to be a pair of underwear XD i used the magakorotchi (i think thats spelt right) but they evolved into... my main is a sakuramotchi (pun on sakura mochi with is a pink mochi (sweet rice cake) with a cherry blossom leaf on it ) i actually have a pic somewhere

i have ahirukutchi i havnt drawn him but i can show you what he looks like on the hexagon
and and tororotchi i dont have any pics im so so sorry im not getting my cam back till xmas

thats all of my log blog other than that on xmas ill have a TAMAGOTCHI ID!!!!
thank you for reading